Lucknow, March 23: The newly assumed Uttar Pradesh government is against teachers of government-run secondary schools in Lucknow wearing T-shirts or jeans during their working hours. District inspector of schools (DIoS) Umesh Tripathi told Hindustan Times that teachers must wear clothes that suit to the dignity of their profession. “School Teachers should avoid such type of clothes which compromise the dignity of the profession,” Umesh Tripathi said. Umesh Tripathi also said that the issue would be discussed with higher authorities before issuing the directives. “Presently it is expected that the School teachers would avoid casual wears like jeans and T-shirts to maintain the dignity of the profession as they are the most respected class of the society.”

Teachers are expected not to talk on mobile phones during work hours and keep school premises neat and clean, ensuring pan or pan masala stains inside schools are cleaned. It is made Prayers in all schools compulsory. The directions additionally say that teachers ought not have pan masala, tobacco, cigarettes or pan amid the school other than guaranteeing that shops offering such items are not situated close schools. If such shops are discovered, school administration must work with authorities to close them down.

Teachers are relied upon to report to higher authorities and close-by police stations any kind of teasing of students. Experts however say, the state government should not generalize issues like this and instead focus on other crucial issues concerning quality of education in schools.



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